Root City ‘Algae’ – 101/116/18cm

Birdview ‘Terminus’ (articulated)
21 August 2015
Root City ‘Atlantis’
21 August 2015
" For my roots city, I like to refer to some legends or myths about lost cities. Kitej is considered as the Russian Atlantis. The legend says it’s located in a deep lake with cristal water called Svetloïar near the city of Nijni Novgorod ( Volga ). The city disapeared when the king of mogols Khan Batu invaded Russian Countryside killing thousand of farmers ( Maybe 13th century ). The city of Kitej was famous but nobody knew exactly where it was. A secret road was mentioned. It was the way to the lake Svetloaïr. The mogols took that path and it ended in front of the city of Kitej without any walls to protect it and no lake !!! The inhabitants of Kitej were praying when the attack of the moguls started. Suddenly, water started to spray all around the city, and in a few minutes, the city went deep into a beautiful lake with pure blue water. Some wise people say that sometimes the city comes back up from the water and only pure souls are invited to enter the city. "

Frédéric Daty